June 03, 2006

Asian car companies are rockin in the USA

There was an interesting article in the NY Times.....

(just in case the link doesn't work, Asian cars captured 40% of the market last month)
I tell ya, it's no wonder Detroit is falling behind, they just aren't in tune with today's consumers and the direction the world is taking. Plus they move wayyyyy to slow.
Maybe they'll finally take a clue from the Japanese and Korean companies and get back on the fast track. They do make some spiffy looking cars, it'd be nice to see them with Asian fuel effiency and pricing.
And if they don't liven up soon, they'll really be hurtin when those Chinese cars make it over to the states....

Some quotes:

Detroit companies, she went on, had had only themselves to blame for missing consumers' shift to more economical vehicles.
"Hey, they had plenty of time to see this coming," she said. "Cheap fuel wasn't going to last forever, because nothing lasts forever."

Even though gasoline prices spiked after Hurricane Katrina last year, Chrysler's executive vice president of sales, Gary Dilts, said buying habits were only now changing.
"This shift occurred pretty rapidly," Mr. Dilts said. "In March, this was not on the radar."
But, he acknowledged, "the imports reacted a little quicker than we did" in promoting fuel efficiency.

G.M.'s chief sales analyst, Paul Ballew, said G.M. was not getting enough recognition for its vehicles' fuel economy. G.M., he said, makes more vehicles that get 30 miles a gallon than any other carmaker.
"By default, Honda and Toyota get credit in the minds of consumers on those attributes," he continued.
As well they should, said Mr. Colliver at Honda. "We've spent 36 years building our brand around fuel economy," he said.


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