February 25, 2006

Mitsubishi Motors Develops Green Plastic

Mitsubishi Motors Develops Green Plastic

Some good news coming out of Japan. Three cheers to Mitsubishi!

Did you know that bamboo is classified as a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants around. Those pandas were on to something.

I like what Mitsubishi is doing and how they have called this the "century of the environment".
It's about time this kinda stuff got going. The ideas have been kicked around for years. I sure hope the US automakers are gonna get wise to this kind of stuff.
IMHO if they would, that could help stop the brain-drain going on if they devoted more efforts to making environmentally friendly cars. I think more and more Americans and other peoples around the world are getting into it.

The environmental revolution is happening right now. Are you in on it?


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