February 22, 2006

China Seeking Auto Industry, Piece by Piece - New York Times

Here's some scary reading for ya. It seems as if the automakers have just about given up. Just sell the highest technological engine factory in the world to China. that'll help the American and European car makers stay in business! (That was sarcasm...)

I love this quote:
Lifan has also copied Honda's focus on quality. Huge characters of Mr. Yin's sayings adorn a Lifan motorcycle engine factory inside and out; an illuminated board over the assembly line reads: "Whoever wrecks Lifan's brand, Lifan will wreck that person's rice bowl."

What???? That doesn't sound like a company I'd want to do business with. Not a good way to inspire your employees to produce quality work.

I'm all for outsourcing, but not for just giving away all your hard earned technology, and not if it involves skimping on quality.


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