January 03, 2006

Who's to blame?

So I was at a New Years Eve party in Windsor and of course the subject came around to the economy and all the layoffs in manufacturing. I thought it was interesting how quick some people were to heap all the blame on Asian companies stealing the jobs.
They sure didn't want to look internally to see what is going wrong.
After reading this article you'll see that the executives sure have nothing to worry about.

Another Marie Antoinette Moment

I think if North American companies would change their mindset of greed things would certainly be different. But if they want to keep making the big bucks I guess they'll continue to go to China.
Speaking of which, here's an interesting quote from Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian:

"Although we cannot turn a blind eye to China's market, we should not view the China market as the only or the last market," Mr. Chen said. "Globalization is not tantamount to China-ization. While Taiwan would never close itself off to the world, we also shall not lock in our economic lifeline and all our bargaining chips in China."

North American CEO's have a lot to learn....


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