January 05, 2006

Growth for Hybrids Predicted

An article I came across today:

"Technology News

Growth for Hybrids Predicted

Auto executives worldwide believe sales of hybrid cars and
low-cost, fuel efficient models will outpace sales of sport
utility vehicles, pickups and luxury models over the next five
years because of lingering concerns about fuel prices, according
to an annual survey released Wednesday.

The survey, by the auditing and consulting firm KPMG LLP, said
fuel prices are among the reasons for the shift in consumer
preferences. Twenty percent of respondents said consumers would
look for a more fuel-efficient vehicle if U.S. gas prices
remained between $2.75 and $3 a gallon, while 45 percent said
consumers would be swayed if gas prices went above $3.

"The rise in gas prices due to Hurricane Katrina left a lasting
impression on the minds of consumers," said Betsy Meter, an
audit partner in KPMG's automotive practice.

KPMG said surveys over several years have shown increasing
pessimism about the future of North American automakers. In
2001, 56 percent predicted North American brands would make
headway thanks to increased efficiency and competitiveness
. Only
32 percent made that prediction in 2005.

Efficiency and competitiveness, when will the Big 3 ever learn how to do that?
They're like dinosaurs pulling the economy into extinction. Time to be lean and mean and with the times!


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