November 08, 2005

Sometimes buying Korean is buying American

Globalization can make it interesting when you want to be patriotic.....

Buying American Korean

And it shows that what goes around comes around....
Outsourcing can come back to you in unexpected ways.
Who would've thought that the Asian companies would be providing jobs for people who lost jobs to overseas companies.
The American companies really need to take a look at how these Asian companies are running their operations successfully and learn a thing or two.
Don't be afraid of globalization. Just remember to do it right.


Blogger Steve said...

Think about it, if Asian companies can afford to manufacture in America and turn a profit, why are GM and Ford having so many problems?

GM Daewoo seems to be doing better than it's American counter part.

One theory has it that the Asian companies have younger management teams and workers and are more flexible, while the American companies are bogged down by old guys who are just hanging around waiting to collect retirement benefits. They aren't willing to take any chances. What do you think?

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