September 30, 2005

New Ideas for Mold and Die Outsourcing

" The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds." -- Mark Twain

At Solinc we try to come up with new ideas to solve old problems. Offshore outsourcing for injection molds and stamping dies is a lot more complex than just deciding 'Let's go to Asia/China'. As I've seen many companies doing that I've also seen the idea end in frustration and failure.

You need to research the region. Each Asian country has it's strong points and weak points. If price is your only consideration, go to China and good luck. You should expect to take about five years before you can reach success. Sure, there are some great mold shops in China. But how are you gonna find them? How do you know who to trust? You don't want to end up with a glorified boat anchor!

At Solinc we have offices in Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, and the USA. Our mold factory is located in South Korea. Did you know that Korea enjoys a reputation of being a reliable, high quality, and high technology manufacturing country. Korea offers more than just a good price. And with Solinc's worldwide network we are closer than you'd expect. In addition to our worldwide offices, we also work with mold and die shops around the world to ensure your injection mold, stamping die, die casting die, blow mold, or progressive die will receive extra special care for local testing, service, and maintenance.

So whether you are a tool shop or an OEM, if you are looking for new ideas for your tooling outsourcing, such as lowering costs and expanding your capacity, contact us.

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Blogger Steve said...

CHeck out this link to an article about off shore outsourcing:

It's good reading if you are thinking about outsourcing for your next injection mold or stamping die project.

Contact me for more info on how we can cut your costs and expand your capacity.


1:53 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

What's the best thing we can offer you that others can't?

Offshore outsourcing with onshore service and support.

With our offices and partners in the USA , Canada, Germany, and Japan, we are closer than you think.

Offshore prices with onshore services, what else do you want?
(Just let us know and we'll get on it!)

1:54 PM  
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