August 12, 2005

Windsor, Ontario

Well, we've been establishing our new office in Windsor since June. It's been quite hectic and busy at times. I think everything is going very well for us here regarding injection molds, stamping dies, and even die-casting dies. Plus the weather has been great this summer.

We've been doing a lot of travelling around the Windsor and Toronto area, getting to know the markets and people.
Some of our goals are to help bridge the gap between Korea and Canada,
establish win-win partnerships in North America,
and develop a new way of doing global business for the future of mold and die manufacturing.

If you are interested in learning how we can help you, or if offshore outsourcing is right for you, we offer free consulting services. Feel free to contact me anytime.



Blogger Steve said...

Windsor and the southern Ontario mold market is fantastic.
The attitudes amoung the mould makers I met were great, very friendly and open.

As I'm gathering more information in Korea for blow molders and die casting, I am anticipating my return to Windsor....

9:32 AM  

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